Fascinating Blue Lagoon Facts

The Blue Lagoon is a steamy destination that every traveler must visit!

Before visiting Blue Lagoon, it is essential to know all about it to enhance your overall experience.

It is Iceland’s most prominent tourist attraction, and there are several facts you must know before your visit.

So, if you’re planning to go, here are some interesting facts about Blue Lagoon Iceland:

1. It is located in Keflavik

Many assume Blue Lagoon is located in Reykjavik, but it is part of Keflavik.

Due to its distance, the lagoon is far from Reykjavik, and many shuttle buses include it.

It is a 45-minute drive from there, so many people opt for a transfer ticket for their visit.

So you don’t have to worry about your transportation and get admission tickets on the same offer.

2. Blue Lagoon is man-made

One of the interesting Blue Lagoon facts is that it is a man-made phenomenon.

The land and lava influence shaping the lagoon is natural, but the water coming out is due to its neighboring geothermal plant.

The heated waters of Blue Lagoon are a clear result of volcanic formation and the geothermal plant.

Although the water filtered into the lagoon comes straight from the plant’s runoff, it is not harmful or polluted.

3. Blue Lagoon supports research

Since the water has healing properties, it is no surprise that Blue Lagoon has some research interests.

It is a pioneer in researching how skin diseases like psoriasis can be cured by mineral-rich water.

Blue Lagoon is famous for its mineral-based skin care.

4. The Blue Lagoon is far from being a typical wonder

Iceland has several clamorous subsurface aquifers, but the Blue Lagoon isn’t one of them.

The Blue Lagoon is a result of geothermal plants and volcanic activity.

5. The blue tidal pond is warmed in what way?

The blue tidal pond is warmed in what way
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  • The Earth’s core heats the hot spring water.
  • The water is pumped from the hot spring into the lagoon.
  • It is then circulated through a series of pipes and filters.
  • And then returned to the lagoon.
  • The water in the lagoon is constantly being refreshed, which helps to keep it clean and clear.

The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful and relaxing place to visit. 

The warm water, the stunning scenery, and the therapeutic minerals make it a truly unique experience.

6. Mineral Content of the Water

One of the valuable facts about the Blue Lagoon Iceland is that it is abundantly rich in minerals.

You will find a high concentration of Silica and Sulfur, responsible for the water’s milky blue color and possess many healing properties.

Many people who suffer from the skin disease psoriasis visit Blue Lagoon for its medicinal properties.

These minerals are said to have several therapeutic properties, including

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Soothing skin conditions
  • Improving circulation
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Reducing stress
  • Relaxing the muscles

The water is also used in various spa treatments, including facials, massages, and body wraps.

7. Therapeutic Qualities

One of the Blue Lagoon Iceland fun facts is that people claim that the water of the lagoon offers therapeutic benefits.

It is abundant in minerals like silica and sulfur, even for those without skin conditions. 

  • Silica: Silica is a major component of the skin’s natural barrier. It helps to keep the skin hydrated and protected from damage.
  • Sodium: Sodium is an essential mineral for regulating blood pressure and fluid balance.
  • Potassium: Potassium is a mineral for muscle and nerve function.
  • Calcium: perfect for bone health.
  • Magnesium: best for muscle and nerve function.
  • Hydrogen sulfide: Hydrogen sulfide is a gas shown to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Although there are hotels and spa facilities in the region now, many people still come for the lagoon’s waters.

8. Luxury All-Inclusive

The Blue Lagoon is now an all-inclusive luxury resort rather than merely a thermal spa.

The resort also provides spa services, including silica mud masks and in-water massages.

There are saunas, steam rooms, a private pool, and a quiet space accessible.

9. Hot Lava Close By

A fun Blue Lagoon fact is that it’s near an active Lava field, Grindavik, on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland.

The lava field is porous, allowing the mineral-rich water to filter back into the earth, leaving behind the mineral deposit.

Its thickness is about 20 to 3.3 feet and is also the reason the lagoon stays at a steady temperature of 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 °F)

Superheated water is released from the Earth near a lava flow by the Svartsengi power station.

10. Before swimming in the Blue Lagoon waters, you must have a nude shower

Yes! You’ve got that right.

One of the most famous spas in the world where you must take a naked shower before using the pool is the Blue Lagoon.

There are shower booths available that lock or offer the necessary seclusion.

You wear your swimming costume and proceed to the pool after washing and conditioning yourself.

11. The Blue Lagoon is an opulent and stunning cinema icon

The Blue Lagoon facts
Image: Google.com

An interesting fact about Blue Lagoon is that, apart from being a luxurious spa experience, it is also a movie star.

Its lavish destination has led the lagoon to be part of several television and movie productions.

Popular reality TV series like Amazing Race and Britain’s Next Top Model were filmed here.

While movies like ‘Hostel Part III’ and the documentary ‘Look Alive,’ used Blue Lagoon as their backdrop.

It was featured in some famous music videos like Too Close” by Next (1998), “Believe” by Cher (1998), and “Titanium” by David Guetta featuring Sia (2011).

The place offers visitors an unusual experience that has caught the curiosity of admakers like Nike and Apple.

Such interesting Blue Lagoon Iceland facts! Aren’t you curious to see this location yourself? 
If yes, then buy your tickets to this mesmerizing place now!


Why is it called Blue Lagoon?

Blue Lagoon was given its name because of its color.

It gets its blue color from silica, which reflects light when water is suspended.

As silica is an abundant element in the lagoon water, it has its iconic milky blue color.

What is unique about the Blue Lagoon in Iceland?

Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most memorable part is its healing properties.

It is a modern wonder of the world located in a jet lava field in Iceland.

Its views, surroundings, warm geothermal waters, and overall experience make Blue Lagoon unique.

What is an interesting fact about the Blue Lagoon?

The most exciting fact about Blue Lagoon is that silica is responsible for its blue color.

Also, the geothermal phenomenon is a man-made creation.

Despite the cold temperature of Iceland, the Blue Lagoon remains at a warm, luxurious level of 38 degrees Celsius.

What is the story of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland?

A condensed outlet from the power station in Svartsengi unintentionally created a Blue Lagoon. 

The water was supposed to disappear into a porous lava field, but it soon became Iceland’s most visited tourist attraction.

Featured Image: Bluelagoon.com

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